About Ugochukwu


Ugochukwu (Ugo) is a Houston based professional dancer, choreographer and dance instructor specializing in traditional and contemporary West African dances. His professional experience covers over 15 years of performances at many festivals and events across the United States.  Most recently, his dance company, Igwe Cultural Entertainment, outperformed more than 20 other groups winning the FIRST place prize at the 2017 Ndi Ichie Igbo Festival and competition held annually in Houston. 

Having danced since he can remember, Ugo received the proper preparation from both his family and his love for the Nigerian culture. Since primary school, he’s been cultivating his passion and skills both in the US and during his travels to Nigeria. His expertise lies in traditional dance from the Igbo people of Nigeria, such as Ogene, a traditional dance of the Enugu State and Abigbo, a traditional dance from Mbaise in Imo State.  Many years of dancing and performing has increased his experience in Igbo dance and other traditional and contemporary dance forms, including Azonto from Ghana, Ndombolo from Congo and Makossa from Cameroon. In 2003, he became the Director and principal dancer of Otu Umu Oma Cultural Dance Group where he led the Nigerian dance troupe and choreographed award-winning pieces. 

Apart from indulging in his passion of dance, Ugo has been an educator for over 10 years—teaching science and working as a school administrator – which helps him in not only giving amazing performances, but also becoming an incredible instructor.  Ugo is incredibly passionate about performance, health and fitness, dance and inspiring the youth. In his free time, Ugo enjoys traveling to different countries and learning about new cultures through dance.


Much love,