Egedege Sweat

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Egedege is an Igbo, traditional dance style originated in the southeastern part of Nigeria. This dance style, founded by Queen Theresa Onuorah of Unubi in Anambra State, is typically reserved for the rich and royal. 

Let’s face it—running on a treadmill can get painfully boring. Why resort to such drudgery when you can engage in other cardiovascular workouts that will raise your heart rate, speed up your metabolism and allow you to burn an immense amount of calories, without having to step on a treadmill.  

Egedege Sweat is a dance workout that incorporates the rich, royal and beautiful Egedege music and dance styles from Southeastern Nigeria—with music and dances from other parts of the African diaspora—in aim of creating a fun, energizing dance workout experience.  Egedege Sweat was founded by P. Ugochukwu Uwalaka, an educator who has been teaching for over ten years and performing African dance for over 15. 

Egedege Sweat is a unique cardio workout that encompasses dances and music from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Ghana, Nigeria and more. Edegede Sweat seeks to revolutionize the fitness world through the combination of Soca, Dance Hall, Afrobeats and Traditional African music and dance and workouts that prove to burn calories and tone your body allowing you to build the body of your dreams.